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Mark Breaton
-/- Aug 1, 2005 -/-
One week today we get our new Puppy! 'Briscoe' will be 8 weeks when we go pick him up next monday. Here are some pictures of him and the rest of the litter (and his mother)
-/- May 6, 2004 -/-
Hours away!
We did our PDI inspection at 7am in the morning, will get the keys by days end. Yay. For those that cannot find the house pictures, there is a pictures link up top left, or click here! (Hi Claudia, my website rules). Moving day is tomorrow and saturday. The long wait is almost over.

-/- Apr 24, 2004 -/-
Soooo close...
Its Amazing, but our house is almost done! Less then two weeks away. Ceilings just got done this week. The place is primed and the kitchen & bathroom cupboards and counters are in the garage. The tiles have to be installed, carpet, install the kichen cupboards, some paint, couple of doors here and there, a toilet or two! Hopefully our close date comes without a hitch (crossing fingers!).

-/- Feb 22, 2004 -/-
Slow progress continues ..
With less then 3 months to go, the outside of our house is almost complete! We have our basement cemented, a finished roof, real stairs! Still lots of work to be done, but according to the builder we are 2 or so weeks ahead of schedule, but close still should be May 6th (can't wait). I did take a stroll through another model further ahead today. Its the same as ours (Poplar) but it is the 'reverse'. For those on dialup, visit a fried, but if you have high speed, click here (its 65 megs or so).

-/- Oct 10, 2003 -/-
Moving moving moving.
After moving to Milton in July, I've now moved my website a little closer to home. We are now hosted in Toronto @ Q9 (were at xo previously in Chicago). I've also dropped phpix for my image gallery for 'Gallery'. I'm impressed but there is a lot of work to be done to get it 'just right'. You can now add comments to images. I'll be moving more and more of the images over. The link to the new image gallery is here, so please update your bookmarks. The old site will be available for a limited time until such time as i've moved * over.

-/- July 26, 2003 -/-
Just Married! Krista and I after a 5 year courtship have tied the knot! Thanks to everyone for making this a great day! These shots are those of Tom & Lee Fung. I'll add more from scans and from our wedding photographers soon. Here is a link to them so far!



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